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Our Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

2Foreverlove exists to ignite, inspire, and fortify married & pre/marital couples, equipping them with the tools needed to experience a lifetime of joy & happiness. 

Vision Statement

2Foreverlove endeavors to present God’s ultimate idea for marriages to couples; fueling their desire to be a Model Representation of Christ and the Church to their generation. 

“2ForeverLove” began the day we said “I DO”!

 Always believing and wanting a happy functioning marriage that would last a lifetime (which we had not seen in many of the marriage relationships we knew); 5 years into our marriage we were blessed to attend a "To Love & Cherish Weekend Retreat".

Moved to much tears and emotions we learned many amazing things about God’s desire for marriage, which became our desire to both understand and apply those truths to our lives.

Realizing early in our relationship, the lessons we had learned and began to put into practice for our own marriage; were not for us alone. We took on the responsibility to help those around us. Understanding that God’s favor isn’t something one obtain without responsibility. Luke 12:48 says, “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required...” God had gifted us with something special and unique, thereby 2ForeverLove was birthed.

“2ForeverLove” - #2 (representing two individuals); Forever (always & at all times) and Love (unconditional and unalterable decision) – Simply put, two committed to always love one another. 

We’re excited and blessed to empower couples all around the world to forever be in love. We’re committed to helping you as man and wife to fulfill the marriage vows and experience the beautiful gift and life of holy matrimony. 

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